Villa Ammarulla

Do you want to walk in the footsteps of Emperor Diocletian near his summer house in Split? Villa Ammarulla offers you just such an adventure and offers two separate accommodation units with a common entrance from Mihovilova Širina in Split. Also, this impressive townhouse is available for rent as a whole house. The luxury room Abra is located on the first floor, and the duplex apartment Judita is on the second floor, which are separate and completely independent from each other. Abra is a luxurious double room with a bathroom and its own entrance on the first floor. Own newly renovated bathroom with underfloor heating, equipped with sink, toilet bowl, shower and toiletries.

Judita is a two-story unit with a double room on the upper floor of the attic, and a living room and bathroom on the lower floor. The interior decoration of Ammarulla is characterized by retro-style furniture at the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, with touches of art nouveau style and art deco. The self-effacing creativity of an authentically restored Romanesque-style house will contribute to aesthetic satisfaction and the experience of order, peace and relaxation, even in the center of the city bustle. All major sights are just a few steps away from Ammarulla. Both accommodation units contain hot and cold air conditioning, wireless Internet access up to 200 Mbps, smart TV devices with domestic and international programs.

Villa Ammarulla is located in the historical center of Split, because it is located within the Diocletian's Palace, a site under the protection of UNESCO. Ammarulla is located near the colorful and playful Riva, on one of the three large squares inside Diocletian's Palace, Fruit Square, where there is a bronze monument to Marko Marulić, the work of sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Villa Ammarulla on the northwest side borders the beautiful facade of the Baroque Milesi Palace, from the 17th century, while the eastern facade is in the immediate vicinity of Diocletian's Palace, where the entrance to the Villus is, and the small square Mihovilova Shirina, which is named after the remains of the church of St. Michael from the 7th and 8th centuries. In the immediate vicinity, there is a city parking lot that stretches from the eastern side of the Split Riva to the train station and ferry port. Villa Ammarulla is a few hundred meters away from the city port, as well as the train and bus stations, where buses from Split Airport also arrive.